You Matter Creed.

Behind every mouse click, tweet, email is a person - You Matter.

Every action taken (or not taken) impacts others - You Matter.

Human abilities, integrity, character, passion are significant - You Matter.

I will conduct myself with empathy, self respect and humility.  I will warrant trust.  As one of 7 billion people on Earth, my impact is with those I encounter.

I will prioritize my attention to the person in front of me; all phone buzzes or remote distractions are secondary.

People are never irrelevant - You Matter.

Acknowledging, accepting that You Matter requires a mind-set obligation:  there's an implied duty that your actions will demonstrate respect for others.....and yourself.

Enjoy Life, Be Nice, Be Genuine.  Be A Difference....

This is my personal brand promise...and I look forward to sharing, living it with you.  Let's achieve significant things together.

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