You Matter!

“April showers, bring May flowers”….and so it is with recognizing the talent around you; the talent you depend on to lift, hold you high.   April is also home of Admin Assistant Day….shower those around you with a little recognition and watch your success bloom.

Personally, I’m not fond of the numerous “hallmark” days (valentines, sweetest etc.) that have been created mainly for commercial purposes–call me a frugal cynic.   Like those popular commercialized days, Admin Assistant Day is another ‘opportunity’ to tell people that they matter.   There are plenty of ways to express your gratitude but the central objective is always sincerity and setting aside “a moment” to actually show you notice…and care.    Actions speak louder than words.   Of all human needs, everyone’s core desire includes some basic human validation.  Let them know they matter.

What to do?   There will be critics regardless of what you do; that’s not reason to avoid recognizing the benefits and energy others bring to the team.   A personal hand written note is cheap as it comes; but will also demonstrate that you took time and thought for a truly “personal” moment.   It’s THAT simple; and it will have far more impact and connectivity than tossing a $25 Target Gift card in a generic greeting card with ‘thanks’ hastily scribbled on the bottom.  Don’t think $, the value is truly in the action.

Want to sustain that grateful vibe…that’s where a simple “message advocate” can be of assistance.  There are plenty of very affordable, unique awards or items that when properly presented accomplish your goal of recognition.

Like anything, plan ahead and do it right…throwing something together in haste may be counterproductive.   (They’ll see through it like a husband walking through the door on anniversary night with a box of candy from the convenience store)  If you didn’t plan, get out the note card and spend 15 minutes on a handwritten note–then jot on your planner to avoid the same problem next year.

Finally, like all the ‘hallmark’ days…remember every day; especially on unexpected occasions, it’s wise to let someone know they matter in your life.

BTW: it feels great to tell people they are awesome and significant



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