jgund10-crop  HI, I’m Jerry Gundrum – Collaborateur, Message Advocate & fan of distinction.  Message Advocate is about “tangible promo-tising strategies to build relationships & a brand community”. Every word counts (so kindly read it again)…but if I were to elaborate, it’s also about productivity, streamlining wasteful habits and people power.  That applies both to budget and human capital.  My goal is to blend a professional insight toward business opportunities and objectives specifically geared toward promo-tising and develop targeted solutions to be implemented efficiently…without a waste of your time (and let’s be honest, most time is wasted in decision mode because you lack confidence in the solution options).

Further, my bias is away from “best practice”.  If everyone does the same thing, what’s your edge?  Easy, low-cost, impersonal tech (dare I say spam) is one way to follow the crowd, but “a bit different” tactic will likely be more relevant.   Business requires calculated risk; that should also be apparent in strategic promo-tising efforts that distinquish you from the predictable, homogenous (boring) BP herd.   You will never please everyone; displace “playing it safe” with “playing to win” relationships.

On a personal note, I grew up on a dairy farm where a work ethic and Midwest practicality were learned early–and often.   My blessings include a 25+ year marriage to an awesomely talented early education teacher and 3 children (youngest being adopted from Bolivia).  I enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities like biking, cross-country skiing, kayaking, hiking.   A curious mind of tinkering, woodworking and ocassional home brewing helps fill out any free time.

Life goal (credit to a Toronto street sign):  “I strive to be the awesome person my dog believes I am”.

Hopefully, this sets a backdrop for an authentic conversation; let’s chat…and mention my odd affection for polka music to prove you’ve read this far!

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