Valentines Day–will you be mine?

THE day of relationships is on the horizon; so naturally I have a view or two—as it relates to building a brand community perspective, functioning efficiently and avoiding ‘purple squirrel’ moments.

Let’s consider that you’ve decided to give the worthy object of your affection flowers.   Does it matter if they are dandelions or roses?   Of course…what would dandelions say about the brand of you?   Probably the same as a thoughtless, half-witted promo-tising item.

Would it matter if the roses are brought home from Walmart in a bag or delivered to her/his (hey, let’s not stereotype) office?   Probably.   The goal isn’t to give flowers, it’s to make them feel special–much easier to achieve in front of envious, admiring witnesses.   (Do you give corporate recognition one-on-one in an isolated cubicle; or in front of colleagues–it matters!)

Would it matter if the roses were in a box or a nice crystal vase that could sustain the moment years beyond wilting?  Probably.

Would it matter if the roses were red, yellow, white, pink….? Probably not.

Would it matter if the stems were 12″, 14″?  Probably not

Would it matter if there were 3 sprigs of babies breath and green…or 6?  Probably not.

In the world of corporate promo-tising, too often the insignificant details (I don’t like this zipper pull) fog the process of your true, sincere objective:  create & sustain relationships.  People Matter….and some details do too; but don’t let the insignificant paralyze you from doing anything…because dandelions still trump indifference.   Show you care; and the love will follow.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone…and relationships are important EVERY day.



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