Thinking INSIDE the Box

The techy, modern, intrusive world creates a love/hate relationship.  We are slaves; addicted to our toys that distract us off on various tangents; losing focus while chasing shiny balls.  The Irish call it “foostering” about.  Confession time:  you go on the web, click interesting links and 10 minutes later can’t remember why you opened the browser?

Same with meetings, same with objectives…too much clutter competing for earnest focus…or the ability to allow your mind wander into a natural state of ‘peace’.   Life, thoughts, grand plans–all get rather murky, convoluted and pretzelly (as in twisted).  In my manner of zig when all the world zags, I’ll share a ‘paradigm buster’ concept:  Think INSIDE the box.

That’s right, stick your head securely in a box and don’t come out for 20-30 minutes.  No distractions, no external ‘ideas’….just you and your head.   My box is a stretch asphalt, bike, mp3 player and destination no-where.  In winter, my box is a x-country ski trail.  Fall…glass of bourbon, my dog, the stars and a campfire.  Spring time–a hike, 5 mile jog…or a glass of ??   Daydreaming is great exercise.

Every day should include some truly ‘alone’ time…without any smartphone, tablet, laptop, conference calls, e-meeting…  Start simple;  pack a lunch and go find “an island” for 30 minutes…and have a notebook handy to jot down strategic thoughts that flow into the void of your brain INSIDE the box.

Word of the Day: fooster

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