The Sanctity of Trust

There is nothing more meaningful in life than trust.  It’s the ultimate bond between humans. Husbands, wives.  Moms and daughters, Fathers and sons, friends, business associates….  A disregard and violation of this most fundamental significant trait is — well, shameful.  In my view, the back stab, blind-eye, convenient omissions are a revelation of character.   Shame, shame on you. You Matter–and NOT in a good way.   You violated trust.

We are all human and occasionally fall short of “saintly” standards.  There’s going to be gray areas..but I’ve witnessed trust violated in a variety ways.  Here are some true, and truly shameful, case stories….

A vendor, not so artificially, jacks up pricing because they know their trustworthy client will never get a competitive reference check and call them on the carpet.  I once witnessed a person in his industry ask “this is a huge project, and I know they won’t check pricing, how high do you think I should go on the price?”  My answer was “How about “fair”?’   (Happen to know they ignored my view)

Due to a long-term “relationship” a vendor does backflips and invests significant time and resources to develop client solutions; only to have purchasing “bid it out” to everyone with a zero investment….and rather than stand-up and advocate for fairness and consideration, the client just turns a blind eye.  Internal politics should not trump trust or integrity.  (yes, this one hits close to home–and good luck getting my professional assistance in the future).

Bait and switch.  A vendor features one product, but delivers something inferior because of “a special” that allows them a greedy margin.   Sure, business is about profit but this tactic is (winky-wink) pulling a fast one for your benefit at the expense of someone else not getting THE item they paid for.

Finally, the character flaw.  In an attempt to appear generous, you get overcharged–but then have a gratuitous line item appear on your invoice.  Something like “Thanks for your trust and business: 10% Valued Client FREE goods discount”….to make you feel appreciated; the problem–you paid 15% more to start with.

And then there is the good, earned, legitimate “trust”….like when a client reorders but there is a special available.   You could just enjoy a large profit margin; but instead extend the ‘special’ to benefit your client as a “win-win”.

That’s how trust gets built…and validated….it’s not “you” or “me”…it’s “us”.