Rubberband Marketing…

This blog post dedicated to the following email I recently received:  “click now, for our dynamic, technology infused promotional solutions…”.   This was for a USB drive;  c’mon…give me a break from the superficial hype.  Beyond the spam email, my issue is “dynamic & infused”.   Is it any wonder 98% (that’s just my guess, no statistical merit other than hunch) of email remains unread and dumped in the trash folder?   This flaw is “rubberband marketing” — stretching the truth; and your credibility. That’s no way to begin a relationship; because at some point, it is going to snap back in your face.  Ouch.

Authenticity is really a pretty easy concept–but are we so ashamed or disrespectful of our true self that it requires a stretch?  The opposite is confidence & transparency.   You’re comfy in your own skin and can deal with revealing a less than ideal, polished (fake) persona.   You know you’ve “got the goods” so your communication is honest, true.  People can discern that vibe.

Anyone in corporate America can relate to meetings – both internal and with outside sources – that are filled with confounded, modern phrases intended to impress.   “Synergy” is among my favorites because it’s used so often and I can’t remember a time where back end politics weren’t the reality.


For your amusement, I’ll share a favorite web link called “The Bull__it Generator“.  It randomly takes nouns, vowels and adjectives to combine them into meaningless impressive sounding phrases.    Sadly, pretty funny!

Bringing it back close to home; think of your promotional items.   Are they authentic to your brand character…or just spewing meaningless budget into space.  Are they attempting to bribe, impress–or communicate?   Is the inevitable destination (like email spam) of the trash bin…or have a legit ability for some ROI?    Be honest…and hopefully you’ll expect quality items–with an authentic message associated with your name.

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