Hello World!

This site is about working together, sharing information and (hopefully) thought provoking insight into the challenges of marketing and relationship building.  Message Advocate’s stated purpose is “tangible promo-tising strategies to build relationships & a brand community”.  Centered firmly in the core is the simple “you matter” affirmation; every person in ‘the community’ is part of creating, sharing the brand experience.

Rather than focus on ‘stuff’ (that will can follow naturally when appropriate) let’s collaborate on  opportunities and strategy to engage people–in any genuine manner.   It may be a traditional client relationship  but communicating with employees and sales teams is equally (if not more) vital.  All people matter.   Goals can range from increasing your client base to motivating participation in wellness, safety initiatives or simple acts of human validation  (AKA: recognition).  You have a message–and in a world full of proliferation and distractions, it’s going to take an effort to make yours distinctively memorable.   Let’s get creative to “make it stick” and build relationships.  You can’t succeed alone.